Civil Engineering Company in Sacramento


Historically our company has performed a majority of our contract work working for public agencies and departments, school districts, parks and municipal utilities. The gravitation towards public works is only natural for general engineering firms who have the knowledge, skills, financial strength and bonding capacity required to perform for the public.

Public Works allow us more prime contractor opportunities on general engineering and roadway projects. We appreciate having the control over the work, scheduling, and timing of billings . In certain economic climates, public works can also be a dangerous contracting market. Sheer number of bidders, Hyper-competitiveness, ever-changing regulations and lack of ability for trust can become unsettling for positive a business relations and outcomes.

Our motivations and desire for business opportunities is based on appreciating and relying upon our loyal repeat customers whom we enjoy working for. Customer loyalty is developed when consistent positive outcomes can be achieved for both sides and the work is accomplished in a cooperative, light hearted spirit.

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