Frequently Asked Questions About Topgolf Roseville

Care for a game of golf? Perhaps you’re thinking about heading to the course soon. But if you’re residing in Roseville, California, there is an awesome place where you can do a few strokes with your family or friends. It is a facility that was developed by Topgolf International Inc.

And if you’re interested to know more, then we recommend you to continue reading as we’ll discuss some frequently asked questions about Topgolf Roseville before you head to this driving range.


What Is Topgolf?

Topgolf is essentially a game of golf with a party vibe. It is an indoor/outdoor golf driving range where people can hit golf balls with microchips implanted in them. The purpose of the microchip is to record your score as you hit the ball anywhere within the 215 yard outfield. Your score will then appear on the computer scoreboard and then indicate whether you have received a winning score or not.

Is Trash-Talking Allowed In The Driving Range?

Well, it’s easy to swear or trash-talk, especially if you’re really into the game. But the fact of the matter is disparaging fellow players or against the computer screen (if you’re really pissed off with your score) inside the driving range is highly discouraged. In fact, everyone is advised to maintain a courteous attitude at all times and just enjoy the game.

But if you’re really serious about playing golf, being competitive is okay.

What Are The Other Things They Offer Aside From Golf?

A complete food menu is offered to guests such as asparagus risotto, pan-seared salmon, wild mushroom, and other delectable dishes. And alcoholic drinks are available too!

Aside from that, there are other games that you can play like pool and shuffleboard. And apart from that, the place also has an outdoor lounge where players can relax after playing golf, which also includes regular DJ performances to keep the party vibe of the venue. Additional info.

How Much Does It Cost?

Rates start at $25/hour per person until noon, while the charge is increased to $45/hour from afternoon to evening.

The range doesn’t accept reservations unless the facility is rented for private parties.

Are Kids Allowed To Play?

Of course, kids are allowed to play. After all, the driving range is open to players of all ages. That is why swearing or trash-talking is frowned upon (as mentioned above) as youngsters might hear you.

How Are The Golf Balls Removed From The Field?

If in case you missed the target, the golf balls will drop on the ground and then a Kubota vehicle will collect the balls to be given back to players as they continue playing the game and try to hit the target again.

What Other Things I Should Know About Topgolf?

– They offer Healthcare Workers and Teachers Discount.

– All games are half-priced every Tuesday.

– Their featured amenities include Angry Birds game, Toptracer shot tracer, Full-Service Restaurants & Bars, Free Wi-Fi, Over 200 HDTVs, Private Event Spaces and Meeting Rooms.

– And they observed COVID-19 safety guidelines by implementing Safely-Spaced Hitting Bays, Associate Health and Safety, and Highest Standard of Cleanliness.

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