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We will welcome your inquiry and look forward to being of assistance in helping deliver a solution specific for your needs. Whether it be a general question or if you have specific bidding instructions, we feel confident we can help lead you in the right direction.

Please feel free to review the estimate process to help understand how we can approach developing a plan or plan options and develop the associated costs for you. Otherwise please contact an estimator so we may get started right away!


Estimating Department Direct Line 916 383 2642


  1. Defining the scope of work is critical to developing a plan. With a plan we can ultimately present you a proposal for which we can forge a contract and get the work done.
  2. Since defining the scope is critical let’s discuss how we can create the scope. Depending on the complexity of the project or what stage you are in will determine how we can best initiate dialogue.
  3. For new construction and major permitted remodels/retrofits we will welcome receiving plans and geotechnical reports and scope requests, if available, in hard copy or digital format. We can also assist in referring you to Architects and Engineers and assist with preliminary conceptual budgets.
  4. For Repairs and Rehabilitation it will be important to assess the existing conditions. Assessment will typically take place with a site visit. We can discover and understand the cause of failures by taking visual queues or, if needed, perform a subsurface investigation.
  5. Once the assessment is taken, we will quantify the extent of the areas by physical measure and with the assistance of existing plot plans you may have, and also satellite imagery.
  6. With the scope of work defined and quantified, the fun begins. We now virtually build your project by modeling a work plan with all the associated resources that will be required to perform the work. We create a cost breakdown structure, clearly defined tasks or phases of work, for which we associate the appropriate resources for the proper amount of time. We utilize our past history, judgment and experience to forecast the expected productivity for each phase of work.
  7. Going through a detailed estimate modeling process serves three main purposes: The first is that we get to build the job on the computer, revising, editing, and reviewing until we are satisfied. Secondly we know the costs are correct to your benefit and we have a budget as our goal. Thirdly, the process creates the work plan for our field crews to help them schedule and give them the goals for which they will strive towards on a daily basis.
  8. Once the estimate modeling is complete, we then create a custom proposal for you that is clear and concise. We articulate the scope of work and with it the associated pricing. We also articulate specific and general inclusions and exclusions along with the terms and conditions.
  9. A contractual agreement by signature consent enables us to move forward without mis-understandings. The presentation of a well thought out and articulated proposal serves to create the foundation for us to engage with you and deliver our valued services in the most productive and positive manner possible.


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