Gunther’s Or Leatherby’s: Which One Is Better?

Summertime is here again. And as the temperature rises, we can’t but head to ice cream shops to feel refreshed. If you’re residing in Sacramento, 2 ice cream brands always stand out: Gunther’s and Leatherby’s Elk Grove.

But which one is better? Or which is more appealing to ice cream lovers? To find out more about this, we invite you to read further as we’ll give a breakdown of these beloved shops and their delicious ice cream offerings.


Brief Background of Gunther’s & Leatherby’s

Gunther is located in Curtis Park. It had bested Vic’s Ice Cream when they were held as the blind tasting contest in 2013 by getting the judges’ favor after testing and evaluating their ice cream flavors. In this contest, the judges preferred 3 out of 4 offerings according to the traditional ice cream flavors: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and mint chip.

On the other hand, Leatherby’s Family Creamery has earned its mark as being one of the best ice cream brands in Sacramento. And their Elk Grove shop officially opened on May 11, 2012, but had to make a soft opening a few days earlier because there were people already waiting in lines before the opening day. This goes to show how supportive the locals to this brand that the shop had to stay open until midnight. Additional info

The Comparison Of Flavors

For the sake of this article, we are going to compare these brands by evaluating their respective ice cream flavors. And just like a blind tasting contest, we’re going to focus only on the classic flavors and try each one of them.

Chocolate: Gunther’s chocolate ice cream has notes of milk chocolate with a hint of bitterness. And it also has a thick texture with the right amount of sweetness. While the choco flavor from Leatherby’s is very smooth and velvety with a rich sophisticated taste.

Vanilla: When tasting this flavor from Gunther’s, we immediately noticed the distinct natural vanilla flavor and the creamy texture. It is so smooth that it’s silky inside the mouth, and it’s too sweet as well. While Leatherby’s vanilla has a slightly icy texture but the sweetness is just right with hints of buttery taste.

Strawberry: Gunther’s strawberry ice cream has pieces of strawberry bits, which is a good indication that they are using natural fruit. But we find these bits to be a bit gooey. Nonetheless, we admire the blending of flavors as it is akin to a typical strawberry flavored ice cream, and it has a good creamy texture too.

On the other hand, Leatherby’s strawberry ice cream has a perfect balance of tanginess from natural strawberries, creaminess, and sweetness. Although, we find it a bit hard, and takes quite a while to melt.

Mint Chip: Gunther’s mint chip flavored ice cream is a bit waxy, dense but good. While Leatherby’s ice cream has a nice distribution of chips and the minty flavor takes time to build up. But it is very cooling and refreshing.


The Final Verdict

Overall, we find Leatherby’s ice cream flavors to be tastier and delicious, with an interesting combination of flavors that inspired homemade goodness. Next Article >>>

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