Jensen Botanical Park

One of the treasures of Carmichael, CA, is the Jensen Botanical Park. This flower garden is an absolute must-see, particularly during the springtime, if you are interested in seeing stunning floral displays. A brief stroll through this area, home to a diverse collection of blooming trees and shrubs, has the power to lift even the gloomiest of moods. 

This botanical garden is likely fascinating since it has hundreds of different plant species. Some of the plants include dogwoods, magnolias, Japanese maples, and thousands of tulips. Everyone who has a passion for nature and flowers is welcome to attend.

This garden park spans 3.5 acres at 8520 Fair Oaks Boulevard in Carmichael, CA. It is accessible to members of the general public regularly during daylight hours. The garden may be visited at no cost whatsoever. The gardens have a free admission policy. However, a little gift would be much appreciated to assist in maintaining the gardens and ensure that their natural beauty is maintained. The parking area that serves Sutter-Jensen Park also serves as the entrance to the park.


History of the Park

Charles C. Jensen, who had a strong passion for gardening, established this floral park in 1958. After he had retired from his job as a food buyer, Mr. and Mrs. Jensen uprooted their lives and relocated to Carmichael, California, purchasing a new house there. 

Oaks, redwoods, and blackberry brambles were present on the land when it was purchased. He progressively cleared the field and started planting the numerous magnolias, azaleas, dogwoods, and Japanese maples among the initial plants transported from Oakland. He did this over many years.

Through hybridization, grafting, and acquiring new plant species, he created a garden that drew the attention of many people passing by. He kindly guided guests around his park and even hosted events such as weddings and parties. Following his passing, many residents came together to establish a committee to preserve the garden. Their attempts to raise money were fruitful, and in 1976, the garden was donated to the Carmichael Recreation and Park District so that the district could maintain it.

The land was given to the local government in 2004, and it is notable for being one of the few parks in the area to provide a special route for visually impaired visitors. The walkway is located on property donated to the local government. The Friends of Jensen Botanical Garden continue to lend their boundless skills and collaboration to the district’s ongoing garden maintenance efforts. This group of dedicated volunteers is responsible for transforming the garden into the stunning utopia it is today. It is considered one of Carmichael’s crown jewels and has many different types of Magnolias and Dogwoods, in addition to hundreds of tulips and Japanese Maples. 


Nature Path for the Blind 

The Jensen Botanical Garden hosts a variety of free activities and programs throughout the year for individuals of all ages, including guided tours for those who are blind. It offers the Nature Path for the Blind, which is designed for those who are blind or have low vision. We strongly recommend that you pay a visit and walk along the walkway. Those who are visually impaired and those with physical limitations will find the walkway appealing since they can experience the varied aromas of the various plants and feel their unique textures.

Visitors are provided with a fresh perspective on nature via the Nature Path. This accessible route, which has a textured surface and aromatic plants, is the ideal location for people with limited eyesight to learn about plants and come closer to nature. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just in town for a day or a week; the botanical garden is still a wonderful spot to spend the day. Jacqueline Coffroth, a participant in the Daughters of the American Revolution, was the one who sparked the idea for the project. While you’re in the area, you can also visit the city’s community park.

Entry to the gardens, as well as the usage of the grounds by groups, are strictly regulated to ensure that the gardens retain their stunning appearance. There is one portable bathroom accessible, and parking is quite restricted. When there is free space and no planned workdays, the venue may be reserved for wedding receptions, other brief special events, or gatherings of a small number of people.


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