Khaira Walking Trail

If you’re looking for a beautiful place to take a stroll, get some fresh air, and take in the sights and sounds of nature, then the Khaira Walking Trail in Sacramento, CA might just be what you’re looking for. With its expansive network of trails and stunning views, this trail system is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.

Read more as we’ll explore everything you need to know about this popular walking trail, from its history and location to what to expect when you visit.

The trail is named after the Khaira family, who donated the land for the trail system to the city of Sacramento. The land was once owned by the family and used for ranching, but in the early 2000s, the family decided to donate the land to the city for use as a recreational trail system. The trail system officially opened to the public in 2009 and has since become a popular destination for walkers, hikers, and runners in the Sacramento area.

The trail is located in the southeastern part of Sacramento, in the Florin area. The trailhead is accessible from Florin Road and Power Inn Road, just east of Highway 99. Parking is available at the trailhead, and there are also several nearby bus stops served by the Sacramento Regional Transit system.

The Khaira Walking Trail system consists of several different trails that wind through grassy meadows, oak woodlands, and rolling hills. The total length of the trails is approximately 8.5 miles, with options for shorter and longer routes depending on your preference. The trails are suitable for hikers of all skill levels, although some sections may be more challenging than others. Some of the trails involve steep inclines and rocky terrain, so it’s important to wear appropriate footwear and be prepared for a bit of a workout.

When you visit this place, you can expect to encounter a wide range of plant and animal life. The trail system passes through several different ecosystems, including grasslands, oak woodlands, and riparian areas. Depending on the season and time of day, you may be able to spot a variety of birds, mammals, and reptiles, including deer, coyotes, rabbits, and lizards. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of a bobcat or a mountain lion, although these sightings are rare.

In addition to the diverse wildlife, the trail also offers stunning views of the surrounding Sacramento Valley. On clear days, you can see all the way to the Sierra Nevada mountains, and the rolling golden hills make for a beautiful backdrop for your walk or hike. There are also several benches and picnic tables along the trail, as well as some shady rest areas where you can take a break and enjoy the scenery.

To ensure that the Khaira Walking Trail remains a safe and enjoyable destination for everyone, there are a few guidelines that visitors are asked to follow. These guidelines include:

Stay on designated trails – To protect the fragile ecosystems that the trail passes through, visitors are asked to stay on designated trails and not to create their own paths. This helps minimize erosion and protect native plant and animal species.

Keep dogs on a leash – Dogs are welcome on the trail, but they must be kept on a leash at all times. This helps prevent conflicts with wildlife and other visitors and ensures the safety of everyone on the trail.

Pack out your trash – To keep the trail clean and beautiful, visitors are asked to pack out any trash they generate and dispose of it properly.

Furthermore, here are some tips to remember to fully enjoy your visit to this trail:

Wear appropriate clothing and footwear – For comfort and safety, be sure to dress appropriately for the weather conditions. Wear layers in cooler weather and sun protection during warm weather. Also, make sure you have comfortable shoes or boots with good treads that will help you navigate the trail safely.

Bring plenty of water – Make sure to bring plenty of water for your hike, as there are no water sources or restrooms on the trail.

Bring a map – Download a map of the trail before your visit to ensure that you don’t get lost.

Stay alert and aware – Stay aware of your surroundings at all times while hiking and be sure to watch out for wildlife.

By following these guidelines, you can help preserve this beautiful area and ensure that everyone can enjoy the trail safely. So come out and explore one of Sacramento’s greatest natural treasures.


Overall, the Khaira Walking Trail is a gem of a destination in the Sacramento, CA area, offering stunning views and a chance to get some exercise and fresh air in a beautiful natural setting. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just looking for a pleasant place to take a walk with your dog, this trail system is a must-visit. Just be sure to wear appropriate footwear, bring plenty of water and sunscreen, and follow the trail guidelines to help protect the environment and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Next article>>>

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