18009 American Metals Driveway Repair

Case Study

Project Description Image

Project Description

Reconstruct a concrete driveway used for heavy industrial manufacturing applications

The driveway was in a state of disrepair and posing as an extreme hazard liability for worker trips and falls. The driveway condition posed a danger of heavy metal loads being transported from trucks to stockpiling and manufacturing with large Forklifts

Result of the project

The result of the project eliminated potholes, differential settlements, and further degradation. Creating a sound, sturdy and smooth pavement eliminated the risk of occupational injuries, the work enhanced employee morale and at the same time increased employee efficiency in the material handling and manufacturing process.

Before The Project

Before Bid
Before Construction

During The Project

Placing Concrete
Pumping Concrete

After The Project

Finished Product



Thank you Steve! Your team was great they worked hard and did a great job. We will adhere to whatever it takes to keep the concrete strong and without damage.

Dan Nethaway


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