Things To Do In Livermore Park In Folsom, CA With Your Kids

If you are looking for a fun-filled day, the Livermore Community Park in Folsom, CA offers plenty of things to do. There is always something to who whether you want to relax, roam around, or take part in various physical activities with your whole family. Many residents in the area enjoy taking trips to this park and spend quality time there. And it makes it even more special as it was designed with the needs of the children in mind.

Play areas are kept clean and are well maintained, with modern amenities like playgrounds with plenty of rooms for children to play around. In addition, the place also offers various activities for adults so they can also enjoy while their kids play safely inside.

Read more as we’ll provide more information on the things you can do in Livermore Park with your kids in today’s entry.


About The Livermore Park

Livermore Park is a spacious park that is ideal for athletic and recreational activities. To be specific it has various sports areas like 4 volleyball courts, ball diamonds, soccer, and a football field where many of Folsom’s sports leagues for the youth are being held. Likewise, the park also has kids’ play structures like playgrounds and a mini zipline as well as party-sized pavilions, a climbable hill, and a mini waterpark to encourage kids in the community to partake in fun and leisure activities.

Furthermore, visiting the park is recommended so that children will learn to appreciate nature and encourage physical play in the age where they are more exposed to modern technology and video games. After all, engaging in physical play is also beneficial to their growth and well-being. Plus, it gives them an opportunity to make friends with other kids and enjoy each other’s company all afternoon long. A great place to also visit is the

Having Fun With Your Kids

The Livermore Community Park is a place to be if you or someone in your family is a bit of a nature lover. You can go on camping and appreciate the beauty of the surrounding scenery. And in addition to camping, one of the most popular things to do in the park is just relax and take it easy. The park has a great selection of beautiful and calming views from the trees and flowers that are so close to your feet to the tranquil waters and mountain backdrop. Discover additional information.

Of course, there’s nothing like bonding with your kids through sports. Which is why Livermore Park has lots of sports areas where you can spend time teaching them how to play softball, soccer, and football. Not only will you inspire them to lead an active lifestyle but you are also imparting to them some of the valuable things that they can learn while playing like teamwork, discipline, and camaraderie. Next article >>>

Other amenities where you can enjoy with your children are the following:

  • BBQ
  • Bike trail access
  • Lacrosse field
  • Picnic tables
  • Water feature

Livermore Park in Folsom, CA is open from 7 am onwards until sunset

Address: 6004 Riley St., Folsom, California 95630

For field rental info, please contact the management at 916-461-6601


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