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What Should a New Asphalt Driveway Look Like?

People who want to know how a driveway made of asphalt might increase their property’s curb appeal often ask, what should a new asphalt driveway look like? That’s the most common question for someone curious about how asphalt paving can help improve the curb appeal of their property. 

What Should a New Asphalt Driveway Look Like?

It’s common for new asphalt to look black, but it may also have a variable finish depending on where it’s been put. Different-sized stones and sand are strewn around the surface to create the various sections. The asphalt’s performance is unaffected by its new appearance; it will continue to look fantastic and last for a long time.


The driveway should be smooth enough to give a stable walking surface, yet with enough roughness to provide grip so that pedestrians may safely navigate it. Not only does having traction aid in stopping your automobile on a snowy day, but it also aids in ensuring that you don’t slip and fall when you exit your vehicle.


A wide range of aggregates makes asphalt an appropriate material for striking this delicate balance. Traction may be improved using larger particles, whereas smaller aggregates can achieve smoother surfaces. A combination of medium-sized pebbles with rough angles is ideal for a durable surface with just the right roughness.

Is it Important to Have a Smooth Asphalt Surface?

Having a good surface to drive on is critical. Rain will leak through minor holes in the asphalt surface if the surface is left rough and uneven. It may not be a problem during the warmer months, but as the weather becomes cold, that water will freeze and grow.


The asphalt will be placed under a lot of pressure when the water freezes and expands. It will then be possible for the stretched asphalt to move back into place after the ice has melted away. Your asphalt will deteriorate over time when it freezes and thaws. You’ll start to see cracks in your asphalt, potholes forming, and dips on the surface.

What Makes a Good Asphalt Driveway?

Good looks aren’t the only benefit of an asphalt driveway. You want your new asphalt pavement’s quality, appearance, and flexibility to last as long as possible. As a functioning asphalt driveway, it must meet all of these requirements.

Accurate and Proper Groundwork

You should consider the base foundation first in asphalt paving. Building a sturdy aggregate base on top of a good subgrade is part of laying a good foundation. The subgrade may not be appropriately stabilized during paving operations, leading to problems. Contractors may have to remove the clay or cover it with a solid stone foundation if the ground is full of soft, damp clay. 

Appropriate Materials and Supplies

Because of the vulnerability of asphalt roads to weathering and oxidation, selecting the correct hot asphalt mix is essential. If the improper asphalt mix is utilized to pave a driveway, it will cause complications. Even though different pavement firms and contractors have other ideas about the optimal combination for these kinds of jobs, driveway mixes need fewer air voids but more binder than highway mixes need. To seem smoother and darker, the aggregate finish should be more refined.

Good and Proper Drainage

Excellent and proper drainage is essential. Pavements made of asphalt and concrete are the most vulnerable to water damage. When water removal fails to meet expectations, issues arise.

Proper drainage is essential for asphalt driveways. Water must flow away from the edges rather than accumulate on the pavement. It’s impossible for rainwater to adequately drain away from the driveway if the pavement is flat. Over time, water will leak into the asphalt’s pores and fissures, freezing, thawing, and expanding the pavement. 

Regular Maintenance

It’s not over until the driveway is paved and finished. All pavements must get year-round routine care to endure. It includes daily sweeping, frequent power washing, seal-coating, crack repair, etc.


Pavement sealing is mostly a personal preference and a function of time and use. Sealing the driveway isn’t only for aesthetic reasons; it may also help protect the pavement. It is beneficial for stony mixtures and open-textured pavements.


In addition to making your home more visually attractive, constructing an asphalt driveway is essential for the safety and security of your family and guests. Investing in an asphalt driveway for your house is a worthwhile investment that will serve you well for many years to come. Get in touch with Biondi Paving and Engineering if you’re looking for the most incredible driveway possible.

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