Why You Should Visit Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary

If you have never been to the world-famous Folsom Wildlife Sanctuary in Folsom, CA, then you are definitely missing something out. The Folsom Zoo Sanctuary is one of the best attractions that you can see in North California and it’s a must-visit place for both locals and visiting families who want to see exotic animals and make unforgettable memories.

Read more as we’ll share some reasons why you should visit Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary in today’s post.


Reason 1: The Folsom Zoo Sanctuary Is A Zoo That Saves Animals

Unlike many typical zoos, the Folsom Zoo is a second home for animals for animals who need care after being rescued from the wild. The animal sanctuary was established in 1963, and the first resident was a small bear cub who was orphaned and injured during a forest fire. The animal was named “Smokey” and was joined by other rescued animals who needed a safe haven where they could recuperate and live peacefully. Basically, these are the kinds of rescued animals taken to the Folsom Zoo:

  • Animals who have been victims of illegal trade and were confiscated.
  • Animals who are considered as ‘too wild’.
  • Animals who have more chances of surviving in captivity than being returned to the wild.

Moreover, the animal residents of the zoo are not sold, bred, or traded to other zoos in Folsom, CA and the United States.

Reason 2: Kids Love The Train Attraction At The Folsom Wildlife Sanctuary

Aside from that various animal displays, the zoo also features a Folsom Valley Railway, a 4/5-mile train track that takes visitors on an open-car trip around the sanctuary so everyone can enjoy the place on a whole new experience. Click for more info

The trip lasts approximately 10 minutes and we recommend your kids to try this ride once you get there.

Reason 3: The Lion Park Is Ideal For Picnic Or Playtime

After roaming around the zoo and having a ride at the Folsom Valley Railway, you can take your family to the Lion’s Park and have a relaxing time there. This part of the sanctuary has 2 playground areas for small and big kids respectively and is accessible to persons with disabilities.

As for the picnic area, it is covered with luscious green grass with lots of tables and chairs for picnics, lunches, and afternoon playtime.

Reason 4: The Fisher’s Bistro Is The Best Place In The Zoo To Have Lunch

The Fisher’s Bistro is named after a Black Zoo that once lived in the zoo for many years. And if your family wants to grab something to eat for lunch or snack, you can choose from a wide variety of delicious food offerings here.

The Bistro is situated within the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary, just outside the main entrance.

Reason 5: A Good Place To Appreciate Wild Animals Up Close And To Learn More About Them At The Zoo’s Library

What better way to maximize fun and learning experience than to allow the kids to be up close with the animals and to learn more about these creatures by reading books at the Folsom Library. And what’s great is that the library offers regular story time sessions and summer reading programs to encourage kids of all ages to appreciate animals and know how to take care of them. Discover More about Stockton, CA here

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